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Horncastle, Lincolnshire. Situated at the south-west foot of the Wolds where they come down to the Fens, at the confluence of the Rivers Bain and Waring, was the Roman fort of Banovallum the walled place on the River Bain which forms the central part of this little market town. The walls of the fort are still visible, though the town was largely rebuilt in the middle of the 19th century. A well-preserved portion of the Roman wall was incorporated in the structure of a library built in 1969.

Horncastle's ten-day August Horse Fair was once famed throughout Europe and is described by George Borrow in The Romany Rye. The frequently restored Church of St Mary has many relics of the Battle of Winceby, which was fought nearby in 1643 with Cromwell and his Round-heads. Cromwell's horse was shot dead beneath him and as he scrambled to his feet he was charged by Sir Ingram Hopton. Seizing another horse, Cromwell charged again and won the battle which sealed his fame; Sir Ingram Hopton was killed in the second charge. Next day Cromwell rode into Horncastle and arranged for Sir Ingram to be buried in the church, so it seems ungrateful that Cromwell should be described on Sir Ingram's elaborately painted canvas memorial as an “arch-rebel”. In the church are also pikes from the battle and 13 scythes, used either at Winceby or in the Lincolnshire Rising in defence of the monasteries. On the north wall is a brass of Sir Lionel Dymoke of Scrivelsby wearing the armour of the King's Champion, and on the floor below a worn brass depicting him in his shroud, 1519.

In a corner of the market place once stood Sell-wood House from which Louisa and Emily, daughters of Henry Sellwood, a Horncastle solicitor, married Charles and Alfred Tennyson.

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