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Burnmouth, Scottish Borders. This cluster of attractive fishermen's houses forming a village often attracts the eye of the traveller who comes to Scotland by rail on the East-coast route. Indeed, if he is keeping a sharp look-out on the coast side of his carriage, it may well be the first example he will see of domestic Scottish building. Lower Burnmouth suddenly reveals itself at the foot of a steep ravine with its miniscule harbour, in which a new inner basin was constructed in 1959. No sooner does this pleasant little place show itself to the train traveller than it is gone; few have visited it.

Yet the more leisurely traveller will find it well worth while to descend the steep ravine and inspect this, the most southerly East-coast harbour in Scotland. It has had a tong tradition in Scottish history. The fisherfolk living there between the steep cliffs and the sea, often raging beneath an eastern gale, are a conservative folk, retentive of tradition, and, perhaps because they are so near the Border, all the more consciously Scots fisherfolk.

Nearby towns: Ayton, Berwick-upon-Tweed, Duns, Eyemouth

Nearby villages: Allanton, Allerdean, Ancroft, Cheswick, Chirnside, Coldingham, East Ord, Foulden, Horncliffe, Lamberton, Marshall Meadows, Middle Ord, Norham, Spittal, St Abbs, Tweedmouth, West Ord

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