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Tiree, or more traditionally Tyree, Island of, Argyll and Bute, is the farthest out of the Inner Hebrides. If Skye may be said to be springing out of the mainland of Scotland into the Atlantic, Tiree swings out, its farthest point being a good 10 miles West of Skye's longest leap. Its trend is West South West to Ene. It is just on 12 miles long, and varies in breadth between ½ mile to 6 miles. The island of Mull is, at its nearest point, 15 miles to the East Oban, from which it is reached thrice a week by steamer, is about 50 miles directly East of it. There are also air services to the island. Its nearest neighbour is the adjacent island of Coll to the North East. These two islands form for sea-passengers a lonely but convenient link between the Outer Hebrides and the mainland.

Tiree is easily the flattest of all the Hebrides, and it had a Gaelic nickname that called it the “kingdom whose heights are lower than the waves”. Its real name comes from “tir eth”, which means a land of corn. It got this reputation from Columban days, when Tiree's flat and comparatively rich surface provided Iona with grain. Today the land of Tiree is less devoted to corn-growing than to crofting and cattle-raising. By long tradition, the men of Tiree are fisherfolk, and take to the sea as easily as to the land. The island's mild climate and exceptionally high rate of sunshine have, since the early l950s, encouraged the islanders, and with some success, to experiment in the cultivation and growth of tulip and daffodil bulbs for export to the more inclement mainland.

In recent years, and under the inducement of a regular air service, the island has become attractive to holiday-makers in the West of Scotland. Those who do not seek exertion and excitement, but who prefer peace, along with occasional golf and fishing, under wide skies and amidst long horizons, will find this sunny, flat island the happy source of what they want. There is a hotel at Scaranish, whose scattered houses form the only township on the island. Some of the inhabitants also take in guests.

Tiree is, like its neighbour Coll, rich in prehistoric duns and brochs, which the original islanders built as small fortresses against invaders from the sea. The best example is Dun Mor Vaul, just West of Vaul Bay. It measures 35 ft in diameter. Within walls 13 ft thick, galleries and mural cells are apparent. The remote inhabitants of Tiree, even in defence, built to last.

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