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Stamford Bridge in East Riding of Yorkshire

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Stamford Bridge, East Riding of Yorkshire. This was a famous victory in 1066, but this is England and so it is not as well known as the defeat at Hastings. Here on the Derwent 8 miles East of York Harold of England decisively defeated Harald of Norway and saved his kingdom for a while. The invaders, after harrying the coast, had sailed up the Humber and Ouse, landed at Riccall and taken York. King Harold hastened north with what forces he could muster. The Norse king went to Stamford Bridge, a road centre from Roman times, to receive tribute and hostages from local leaders, but the English king pounced and the unprepared Norsemen, many of whom had shed their armour in the heat, were slaughtered. Two tales emerge: of the Norse warrior who held the wooden bridge for hours until he was speared from beneath by an Englishman floating downstream in a tub: and of a parley in which King Harold, asked what terms he would offer his enemy, replied. “Six feet of English earth - or say he is a giant, seven”. This was all on 25 September. On 14 October, a weary King Harold met the Norman invaders at Hastings with dire results. The present (1727) narrow arched bridge is of stone and it stands above the flats where the battle was fought. The women here occasionally bake the spear pies that used to be a traditional September dish, recalling how the bridge was taken.

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