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Bed and breakfast availability
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About the Bed & Breakfast Availability website

Advertising on the “Bed & Breakfast Availability” website:


Included with your advert you get:

  • A full “brochure” page dedicated to your business
  • Four enlarging photos of your establishment and rooms
  • A Google map showing your location
  • As much description about your establishment as you care to fill in
  • A section for your prices
  • A graphical list of your facilities
  • You can display your room availability on this website if you have a free THOR basic account.
  • Click counter that shows how your pennies are spent
  • You have access to amend all of this through our content management system whenever you like.
  • Simplicity - it's all very easy even for computer-illiterates!

Choose between 3 schemes

1. Pay per click

In this method you pay for what you get. Each time a potential enquirer clicks on a contact link - phone, email or website - you spend a credit that costs a few pennies. You start by buying a packet for as little as £10: the bigger the packet the less each credit costs.

Remember that clicks do not always end up as enquiries. Someone still needs to write or phone after clicking the link. Actually most clicks are through to your own website and you can interrogate your own website's visitor monitoring service to see the referrals from You can also see how your credits are spent in your account on this website.

Prices Table

One credit = one phone call or one website referral or one email.

Number of CreditsPriceCost Per Credit

2. Pay per click plus link for half the cost

In this method you halve the price of method 1. above and actually get more visitor referrals!! You copy some linking code from your account onto your website and this produces a small neat badge containing links to your advertisement. This helps propel your advertisement higher up Google organic search results thereby coming to the attention of more people.

The price per packet is the same as 1. but you spend only ½ credit per click.

If the linking code is subsequently removed from your website an Internet "bot" spots this and the price per click reverts to 1 credit.

3. Annual fee

...or simply pay an annual £50 subscription.

Free Trial & Sign up

What are you waiting for? Sign up today and receive 10 free credits! Try the system out and work out which is the best payment method for you.