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Roslin, Midlothian. Unquestionably most renowned for its chapel and castle, Roslin (also called Rosslyn) is now a mining village on the bank of the North Esk.

The castle is buttressed impressively on the lip of the cliff above the river. The oldest part was founded in the early 14th century, by Sir William Sinclair (d. 1330); the keep was started by his grandson and enlarged by the 3rd Earl of Orkney. It was destroyed in 1544, to be restored again about 1580.

The chapel, celebrated for its sculpture and elaborately detailed carving, was founded by the 3rd Earl of Orkney in 1446, and was to have been a Collegiate Church; but only the choir, the Lady Chapel, and the beginning of the transepts were built. It was damaged by rioters in 1688, but was thoroughly restored in 1862. The beauty of the chapel is at once apparent, but it is a concentrated beauty, for the building is small, containing all its riches in a constricted space.

William St Clair, Earl of Orkney, is credited with the design of the chapel, but he ranged over Europe to procure craftsmen to carry out his ideas. The most famous feature in the chapel is the lovely pillar of entwined ribbands ascending to its top. It is called the Prentice Pillar. The story is that the chief mason, having been told of a pillar of this kind in Italy, travelled to inspect the original. In his absence his apprentice (inspired by a dream, so it is said) built the pillar. The master mason on his return was so jealously incensed by this piece of initiative on the part of his pupil that he struck him dead.

This is the popular story. Certainly there are no other pillars like this one elsewhere in the chapel or indeed in Scotland. Moreover, a certain substance is lent to the tale by the recently discovered fact that the consecration of the chapel was held up by the Bishop of St Andrews because blood had been shed in the building.

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