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Share availability between friends

The Bed & Breakfast Availability System is a way of doing automatically on the internet something you do already or have a tendency to do. When you cannot offer potential customers a room you invite them to phone your friends in the business. Your friends send you customers, in return. The trouble is you don’t know your friends’ room availability and they don’t know yours. So it’s all a bit hit-and-miss. Not any more! The great thing about The Bed & Breakfast Availability System is that it knows who has got availability so that customers do not need to phone around.

Where does the business comes from?

1. This portal website is found in search by Google, Yahoo!, Bing and AOL. For example if someone needed a room in Maidenhead they may search for ‘Maidenhead bed breakfast’, ‘Maidenhead B&B’, ‘visit Maidenhead’, etc and find and your advert in it. Nationally, our advertisers get an average of 775 visitors driven to their own websites from this source.

2. The websites of other members are found by the search engines and when these establishments cannot meet demand the leads are passed on to the rest of the group.

3. Word of mouth: our advertisers refer telephone callers to when they cannot satisfy demand.

4. Return visitors who have bookmarked and and found the system to be an effective and easy way to find a room.

Availability database

Everyone participating in the system keeps their room availability up-to-date on our database. They do this because they know the system works and that they’ll have to explain to the next caller why their website shows availability and there isn’t any! The update procedure is very, very easy.

We add an availability search bar to your website

It can be customised in the colours of your website. It loads fast on opening so your customers do not have to wait. It links to the same database as this portal site so you only update one database, not two.

Please check our availability

The phone will not ring so often

It will still ring, but mainly when you want it to ring. You'll find you are spending less time dealing with people to whom you cannot offer a room and more time dealing with people to whom you can! On balance you will spend less time answering the phone.

Track the visitors to your website

Put a visitor tracker on your website. You’ll be amazed at how many more visitors will be coming to your website. We recommend Google Analytics which is a free service. Remember, when making comparisons with other portal websites and search engines, that customers will follow the link ONLY if they see availability. Therefore the performance of, although impressive, will be understated, and is in reality even more impressive than it looks.

Don’t have a website?

We can help with either a starter website for an extra payment of just £45 per annum including your own domain name and e-mail address or a full-blown custom-made website. Our websites get ranked by Google and Yahoo.

Meet new challenges

The accommodation industry has changed enormously in the last few years:

  • The advent of the internet means that potential customers want information in seconds at the click of a mouse: they are no longer prepared to sit at the end of a telephone calling lots of B&Bs to find a room.
  • Independent B&Bs, guesthouses and hotels will find strength in numbers as they compete with the growing armies of budget hotels that offer an inexpensive, standardised service in convenient locations with the likelihood of an available bedroom at short notice.

The Bed & Breakfast Availability System provides independent accommodation-providers the opportunity to group together to compete with the likes of Premier Hotels, Innkeepers Lodge and Travelodge. You’ll find that, as a group, you’ll be able to offer more choice in terms of bedrooms, price, location, service than any single budget hotel and your clients will not have to hunt for a room.

Find out more about The Bed & Breakfast Availability System

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